"he's A Total Babe" Pt 3

Today was just a great day :3 I bought this huge Red Bull and I was drinking it in Mr. H's class. Then my friend took the can and shook it, so I said, "It's empty." . Then, Mr. H said, "you drank that entire Red Bull? (it was a 20 oz.) you're gonna be bouncing off of the walls." and I told him that Caffeine doesn't make me that crazy. We had an assignment in his class thats due tomorrow, but i wanted to turn it in early, so i worked on it at lunch and in my next class and turned it in, meanwhile the Red Bull was kicking in. When I emailed him the link to my work, I added the message, "This was VERY hard to type while the Red Bull was in my system." Not even 5 minutes later, he emailed me! "Maybe switch to sugar-free Red Bull next time? Probably wont make a difference." I know its not that big of a deal, but receiving an email from him just felt amazing, especially considering that I wasn't school related.

In math, my teacher told us that whoever didn't sign up for the in-school field trip (lame) had to go to study hall during 6th and 7th period, or find a teacher who'll let us stay with them. I have a friend who has Mr. H's class during then, so I figured I'd ask him, of course lol. I went up to ask him and he said he didn't have much room but he had one chair left. So I told him that I was gonna come and he kept saying "NO! you're such a horrible student, I don't wanna have to spend ANOTHER 90 minutes with you!" but I kept saying "i'm gonna come" and he never SERIOUSLY said no, he said it sarcastically. Lol, today just felt good.

Any opinions?
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When's prt 4 coming out ❤

Lol next time something good happens between us, probaby tomorrow lol