Oh Man! (literally!)

Alriiight I have totally been reading all these stories for a couple months now trying to figure out if I really like my professor or not. I might as well just post! I am putting off homework anyway :P
SO I am in college and have this class with a Mr. P. I thought he was kinda dorky at first, but then I had questions about the readings in class and started emailing him. And then I started going during his office hours to talk to him...so yeahh I pretty much started crushing on him. He is dorky, but really cute and funny and idealistic.
After reading a bunch of these stories I am coming to the conclusion that he does not like me back? He never stares into my eyes or touches at me or tries to stand behind me during class... All I know is that I have gotten better grades than most people and it has been insinuated that it is because I am one of his favorite students. I was kinda insulted by that, though. I mean, I'd love to be liked back and stuff, but I would like to receive good grades because I earned them, you know? He called my essay "fantastic and heartbreaking," which made me like him more, of course. I have been trying not to email/go talk to him as much, but when I do, he says stuff about me being a sensitive and caring person...?
I started not liking him because he makes sexual references pretty often, and was just reminding me a lot of my dad (who is not exactly a model character), but then every time I go to his class I just like him all over again. I wish I didn't sometimes :P
Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear what y'all think!
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nothing wrong with that,,your getting good grades