My Witty History Teacher

I am completely in love with my history teacher.  I was always a sucker for teachers and older men. i couldn't ever help not to like them and I really liked my history teacher because he was always so witty and nice. I was going through some troubles and he completely understood everything. I fell in love with him when I was perhaps most vulnerable and needed someone to lean on. I usually crush on teachers but get over them in a couple of weeks.  but this time the feeling is intense and I can actually visualize me and him together. I feel like I crossed the line (he's married and has two boys) because I knew when to stop and tell myself no but I just let myself go because he just made me feel so damn comfortable and i felt so cared for. Just being in his presence makes me feel completely safe. I don't want to ruin his marriage or anything I'm definitely not out to get his wife or ruin his children's lives or  perhaps his reputation. I don't know what to do now that I'm in love with him. I told a couple of my close friends but they just don't understand any of it considering most of them haven't even dated yet. fortunately, my best friend knows and understands but he doesn't know what to do or tell me and my other close friend tells me i'm pretty much screwed. I'm in a bit of a pickle.  It's one of the most amazing feelings to fall in love like that and actually understand what it feels like to have  your heart "melt" whenever I look at him but him not loving me back is causing me to go crazy. I know i definitely need to get over him as to not cause any pain to anyone but I have NO IDEA how. when school starts I'll see him in the hallways since I don't have him as a teacher anymore.  help anyone?

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I was teaching at an all girls school I fell in love with a 15 year old I organised to take her on a holiday ( long story ) it was amazing her parents consented we went to a country mansion nothing happened ( i wanted too ) we had been in love with each other for years when she turned 17 I just picked her up from the boarding school and she has lived with me ever since longest best relationship ever. we have a kid and i am the happiest man alive. I am 20 years older . I love her so much I just wish soem relatives and friends would see it. she has a small frame short petite body and rather large breasts she looks alot younger than she is. people still think I am going out with a teenager. part of the emotional thing is very mature but the fantasy of her is very strong I like the idea of her looking like a teenager. she once came into the bedroom wearing her old school uniform and blew me away and told me how she felt all those years and everything she wanted to do to me. I was tormented for years. so hang in there.


yeah, I really know...<br />
I have been loving this teacher,<br />
yes he was married<br />
<br />
he WAS<br />
<br />
he also has a child which is about my youngest sister's age..<br />
<br />
and yeah, I mean,<br />
I loved my teachers. I do not tell people who I do not think will understand me that much on loving one teacher especially when I asked them, <br />
"what do you think about teacher student relationship?" and one of my friends said it sucks and it is BUNK,<br />
<br />
Well, I only told my bestfriend about it coz I know she would totally understand.<br />
<br />
I see my teachers not as a teacher, but as a man, friend, human. not as he is a teacher and I am a student. no. it always feels like he is a man right there and here I am a female looking for someone to lean on<br />
<br />
I do love him, really, until then one day he doesnt give that much of attention, I just realized that he might use me..<br />
I was depressed. I broke down.<br />
It hurts me when I have to see him everytime at school in the hall way, in his office etc.<br />
<br />
It realyl took me a lot of time and lyrics and songs to forget the memmories, though it still sticks..<br />
<br />
I was there for him when he broke down, and he become my comforter when I do, but then he doesnt after a while. I dont know why, is it me who changed or him?<br />
<br />
he stopped talking really nice, <br />
he stopped looking so passionate into my eyes<br />
he stopped touching me<br />
<br />
I missed they way I felt him touch me, talking to me real nice, come to me everytime I coem to his office and all that...<br />
<br />
I lost topic with him.<br />
<br />
yeah I do melt when he does something<br />
I realize he's not ok with me..<br />
it could cost him things.<br />
<br />
basically, I like him the way he was.. until now, i still have some feelings inside me..<br />
<br />
but i couldnt figure out how he felt that time either..<br />
well,<br />
I felt that there were this wall between me and him that cannot be destroyed no matter what I do..<br />
<br />
I overcome him by making myself busy, crying out the things I want to, making some lyrics, sometimes I just get so sensitve<br />
<br />
but I always smile. I keep it okay outside. I dont want them to worry. only to my best friend that knew this happened I cry.<br />
<br />
I do get over him and I do see him alot as I like the lesson. But I have this stron heart that pushed me. thought I always said, I CANT I CANT!~ and I changed it to, I CAN I CAN! I HAVE TO !! I NEED TO BEFORE IT GOES TO FARAWAY!!!<br />
<br />
that is it..<br />
yes it was so painful to overcome that feeling, but I am now working on the rest.

Rent the movie, "Fatal Attraction."

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