"hatb (hes A Total Babe)" 11/30/12

Today, I went to Mr. H's class twice, like I said I would. Not much happened, because we had a short day because of a pep rally at the end of the day, and since I'm in band, i had to leave the class early. But at the pep rally, I saw him and he was suddenly wearing shorts (he's the soccer coach) and i freaked out lol. He looks so good in shorts.

But I just remembered something that happened earlier this week. There's a TV in our cafeteria infront of the table I sit at and there's a photo slideshow of school events. For Veteran's day, we had an assembly (it was during mr. h's class) and on the slide show, there was a picture of the assembly. The picture just so happened to be a shot of the bleachers that I was sitting in, and I saw myself, staring at Mr. H ! and guess what..... He was staring right back. It was like we shared a moment and it was captured on camera.... everyone else is facing forward and we're just looking at each other. I know i'm reading too far into it but it just made me very happy :)
kelly1333 kelly1333
Nov 30, 2012