He's Lucky!!

Okay sometimes I just want to beat the mess out of Jake! So today he drove me home from school and... oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you I got a walking boot and crutches!!! I am so happy and I got my cast off my arm and only have to wear a brace on it!!!! So now I can move a little bit faster. Anyways, he drove me home and came stayed over for a little with me...so I was trying to do my homework and he was singing and tickling me and I couldn't focus so I told him to stop and her started singing louder and I got up and went to my room and locked it so he couldn't get in and he found my room key and tried to unlock the door and broke the dang key in the lock so now I can't use the lock on the door. So I got mad at him and yelled at him and he got mad and told me I was overreacting and being immature so I told him since I am so immature then maybe he should just leave and he actually left!!!! So like being the young, hormonal, stubborn girl I am started crying and I was like so mad at him!! So like he kept calling and texting me and I wasn't answering because I hold grudges haha I always have!!So like a few hours ago he came over again since I wasn't texting back and my mom told him that I didn't want company and he like pushed past her and came to my room in tears apologizing to me and like saying he didn't mean what he said and I couldn't refuse him so I was like, don't say you didn't mean it because I know you did but it is true and I forgive you... and he like grabbed me and spun me around and kissed me and I was like your lucky because usually I hold a grudge for a while.. and he just laughed and was like I am a lucky guy... Oh yeah I did a theater final and made a perfect score!!!! I was so happy because my theater teacher doesn't give a 100 unless you do flawless and it was great!!!! I was nervous though and Jake came and my theater teacher was like Jake, why are you here? She was like flirting and she is weird and it was funny but annoying but he was like well I came to watch my students and she was like oh okay but yeah so thats all!! love ya'll!!:)
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Wow amazing happy for you too...lol does you mom know u 2 together ? And get well soon ❤

yeah she does and I am just ready to get back to soccer!!