My Teacher Crush... Do You Think He Likes Me Back?

So he's my history teacher. He's 41 and he is just beautiful. Long-ish curly black hair, caramel coloured eyes. He looks a bit greek. He's very tall and slim and has a voice to die for (speaking voice). Before our first class with him, I was so excited to begin History (yes, I'm a nerd) that I said "I bet the minute this guy walks in I'll fall in love with him". I didn't think that was going to be true, and I did. After that class the other students continually made jokes about it and my reactions made it pretty obvious. Now, pretty much the whole grade knows but they've managed to keep it pretty quiet around him because he doesn't know. Either that or he just doesn't want to talk to me about it.

Since then we've slowly upped our communication. At first, I was ridiculously shy around him and couldn't say a word to him. But, I've become more confident and have started to talk to him more often.

Today, we know that we have the same tastes in music (unlike all the clones who worship One Direction). Lately, he's been singling me out. Here are some examples:

The girl sitting next to me asked him for some help so he came and kneeled between us and then he started talking to me about what I thought. He asked me "I mean, if you were offered a slave would you accept?". I said "If I was living in the days when slavery was common I probably would. Back then it was just a normal persons behaviour and they didn't think of it as morally wrong considering they didn't think of the slaves as human beings." And then he re-directed himself back to the other girl and just gave her a few suggestions and left. Not to mention, he calls me Madame all the time (it's really cute).

The second would have to be when I said that I had to go because I had a music lesson (I actually had an exam, and I think he knew) and he touched my arm (more like a soft pat, lingering for the rest of his sentence. he does this to other girls too) and said "Good luck! Don't get mugged on the way!"

He's subtly touched me on several occasions like he pats my arm/s and our hands brush together sometimes.

He sat near me in one lesson (two lessons ago) and I was talking about this band that I'm obsessed with and he asked me to show him some pictures. He said "What does he look like? I have to approve of this guy". I showed him and we got into this entire conversation about music and I handed him my iPod (our hands touched like almost holding hands) and he just talked to me for the rest of the lesson and stuff. That same lesson he walked out with me (he pursued me) and told me about a festival and said I should go. He said "Are Black Veil Brides (the band I like) going to the Soundwave Festival?" I didn't think so and asked when it was and he said "In March. The tickets are sold out but you should definitely go to the next one". He walked me out and then we said goodbye.

The most recent lesson he came and showed me a particular merchandise website because he knew I liked the same music as him. He showed me it so I could t-shirts and crap. And then we talked about yet another concert (The Monster Tour with Kiss, Motley Crue and Thin Lizzy) and we had a bit of a talk about that and he said "You should go". While all the other girls were gathered around a computer watching One Direction videos and I was at my computer watching Motley Crue I said to them "I am such the odd one out here" he overheard, laughed and came to talk to me. We just stood at the back at the crowd discussing why One Direction was so bad (not to offend anyone, sorry).

The most recent and significant one was yesterday. Our grade has our Speech Night on Monday and we were practicing the song we had to perform (school hymn). My teacher was there as one of the judges. For one thing we had a moment where we stared at each other for about 5-7 seconds straight. What we had to do was all the tutes would go up one by one (picked out of a hat) to perform a verse. I wasn't sitting near him at the time but a couple of my friends were. When my tute was going up he looked up and asked one of my friends which tute it was. She told him and apparently he made this face and sound (like a mischievous thinking kidna sound, I guess. This is what they've told me.) And my friends all think that it was a really big deal for some reason and they really thought it was about me. I don't know why they thought it was such a big deal it doesn't sound like it but they all seem absolutely convinced that he likes me now (I wasn't there, remember?).

So do you think he likes me? I don't know all I know is that I'm head over heels for him and I love him to death.

Georgie xxxx

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It sounds as though he could like you :-) I have a teacher who I love and I think he might like me back (he gives me compliments all the time, we laugh and tell jokes, and he even gave me his face time number)

Oh wow! Me and my teacher haven't gotten nearly that far but I do appreciate it, thanks, it would mean a lot to me if he did :)

lucjky girl-

Lucky? Lucky I have a hot teacher? Trust me, I know!

Black Veil Brides. Awesome. Your teacher sounds incredibly attractive! I myself have a weakness for older guys, haha. I wonder if he really does like you... That'd be awesome and scary at the same time. Wouldn't want him to lose his job! Anyway, I wish you the best. He sounds like a great guy.

Thanks! I know Black Veil Brides are incredible <3 If he did like me I'd be over the moon but yeah I wouldn't want him to lose his job.

awww lol I don't want to dash your hopes, but most likely than not, I think he sees your infatuation and is probably being nice and friendly to you, but doesn't like you in the romantic sense.