I Give Up

I know I still love him and always will have a feeling for him but I need to move on. there's no point right? I'm just wasting my time. help me...and the fact that he's now my soccer coach I no longer have no escape from him....help!
yourbiggestsoccerfan yourbiggestsoccerfan
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

So any updates?

uh..yeah sure I'll post some updates..

There is an attraction to this teacher as their personality is something that you admire, and probably are searching for. As they are in a mentoring role, you see them in a different light.
It's really important to know exactly what it is you are searching for in a partner. If you like, I can tell you about something that may help?

I may have like him because of his personality. please do tell me something that can help me get over this 5 years crush thing.