A Little Odd

This last thursday the class met in the library to get a little research done for our final essay. I was like 15 min late but he was nice enough to mark me as being on time and in class that day cause I guess I might be a teacher pet to him. I always try my best and he always tells me that he likes my papers and how theyre written. He always tells me that when I have doubts about what Im writing.
But back to what happened.
I was just sitting in the library waiting for all the other students to leave him alone and stop asking questions about their papers so I could ask mine. But when I was waiting I kept trying to go to sleep in the chair I was sitting in and I could feel that someone kept looking ( you know when you get that sort of feeling) and everytime I woke up and would look over at him to see if I could talk to him and he would be looking at me but he made it look like he wasnt. But when everyone left to the books or left to just leave (cause if we dont have to or want to be there he'll let us leave/ hes just awesome like that), but I went over to talk to him about my paper he already graded, and about the final essay, I walked up to him and he asked how I was doing, and I just gave a tired smile (I just woke up like 20 min before I got there) and said I was fine. Then he asked what was up and just told him "I dont know what Im supposed to be doing" and he just looked at me I guess in a confused way and I guess he was trying ask what I meant but he like tripped over his words cause what he said didnt make sense. And I just told him "I dont know what Im supposed to do today, you know with my paper and what Im supposed to be doing here" and he just said "oh, ok, I just thought you meant like in life and everything" then he gave a little laugh and explained what I was supposed to be doing and researching and writing about. Why would he think that I was asking about life? it was just a weird moment. But it felt nice to talk to him. I mean after the holiday break, its been awhile, and it just made me feel all butterflies and everything cause he always makes eye contact when he talks. (His eyes are soo beautiful, they make me melt).
It just felt nice being that close to him again, cause usually I hate he smell of cigarettes but on him, mixed with his own scent, it smells nice on him.
starsfall32 starsfall32
18-21, F
Dec 1, 2012