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So looking and reading through the stories in this forum, me and Jake, yes Jake is with me... when isn't he??? Anyways, we realized that we haven't read a single story where you and your teacher got together?? What is up with that?? So we were just wondering if there is anyone who has told their teacher how they felt?? Have yall hooked up?? Does you teacher show signs of liking you?? So everyone in love with a teacher comment your stories please!!! Jake said pretty please with a cherry on top!!!
~ love Ci and J
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my dad was my moms high school teacher, after mom got out of collage they started going out, on the second date they were engaged:) i think thats its fine to get married to a teacher!

me to but what about dating them while they are your teacher?

thats where things can get complicated. because im pretty sure that there is a law about underaged dating. im not going to make you do anything, but i think you should wait untill your at least 18:)

yeah there is a law:(

Yes, me and my teacher/professor got together. We we're dating and I fell for him hard. I think our age gap made us come together and fall apart at the same time. I love mature & stable men and the person he is. But our age gap also tears us apart hes 12 years older than me. We broke up last summer because he was moving to a new school. Kinda far, so it was the cherry on top of our relationship ending. But now I am being tranfered over to that area=). His school is down the street from mine plus im getting a newer car. :-D .I want to get back together I just dont know what to say or how I should confront him. I'm very worried because I saw him at a thankgiving banquet (both of our new schools hosted together) and he was with another woman.A older woman. He didnt look happy at all. They got up to dance and I followed and bumped into him (literally) I was so obvious lol. He turned and as soon as he saw me, he smiled and his attitude picked up. "Hey!" We chatted, catched up a little and laughed and the older woman had enough and yanked him from me and said "let's dance".. So I think he still likes me alot. I just dont know what to say..

You should tell him say I know that it's wrong but I still have feelings for you and just play it by ear. That is so sweet! I just hope me and jake never break up!!! I want yall to get back together!! I am rooting for you babes!! #TeamCinderella1Day!!!

I like that. It's simple and to the point. Thank you :D aww lol I'm rooting for you both too :). My plan before was just this long speech lol I don't want to bore him. I will see him maybe January. I will keep a update:)

Very helpful

Jake is one helpful person! How is your knee?

haha Ik he is!! my knee is okay it still hurts but my foot and arm is healed almost!!


mmhhhmmm!!! how is mr hahn??

Not bad. We had a band concert last Thursday and he asked me to help and of course I said yes! He looked so cute in suit! I actually found him on facebook so I am trying to draw him. I want to go to University of South Florida and it just so happens that he went there to get his teaching credientials. I want to casually mention that I want to conduct in the Air Force bands so I would have to major in Musical Education but I don't know how. I almost don't ever get to see him anymore because when I had him as one of my three teachers in one class I had a different teacher to call my own, not him. Although after the concert I did get to shake his hand and I could have stayed like that for hours holding his hand. It was so soft and warm. Ok sorry off topic for a sec.

Like they say boys have swag men have class

heck yeah!! jake refuses to wear a suit he said he likes to be free hahah!!!


haha but the stubble i agree with that is hot

It is but he wears dress clothes all the time so the suit was kind of new

tru tru!!!

I now have a nice old cigar box that has a red velvet lining on the inside and it has a pic of him plus notes I would like to give him

jake is shirtless most the time... and awh^^^

Ok I think we all need pics of our guys on here!

I think so to

I can make a group called marsbar and we can post the pics

okay but jake hates pictures so idk how well it will look

Does he have a facebook

opalessa and girlinlovewithmrhahn yall can come to our wedding and be cierras bridesmaids??

hahaha what is yalls names and I dont have a facebook sorry!!


okay jess

I would live to be brides maid again

jake said he dont want me to take his picture haha

Haha at our next concert I well get a picture of him with me alone, him with me and my band director and one with me and my band director. I can't wait.

Oh and I am helen btw

maky i will trye to get jake

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