Friday He Was Sad, And I Helped(:

So this story was for Friday but I got my IPad taken away because I was failing Science but my teacher ever so kindly let me retake a few quizzes and tests, and now I have a B. (: yay! Lol

So enough about boringness, lets learn about my nonexistent love life. :)

Homeroom: we didn't talk and I kept my back towards him so I couldn't really see if he was looking at me. So idk, I ignored him also I guess. He was really sad I noticed so I just left him alone. I was debating whether or not to, but I ended up pretending like he wasn't there and I told jokes the whole class. (I'm a joker haha)

Math: well he was really sad. He was speaking in a low voice and gave us a test and just seemed really down. He "forgot" to pass me my test (of coarse he did, he does EVERYTIME!) and when it was time to answer questions in the book, he called on everyone but me. So after class when we were alone, he was walking out the door and noticed I was still there. "Oh hey Rach, do you need anything? I have to get to the office...." He says, really low and sadly. I shrug and go, "I just wanted to see if you were okay, you seem...down you know? Is it because of last nights game?...." He nods and goes, "wow I'm that pitiful huh? Well yeah, I just hate losing two games in a row. I just hate losing period. It's not cool." I shrug and say," I hate losing also. It's not fun, especially when you have a winning attitude. Ha." He laughs and we walk out the classroom and he goes, "thanks for asking Rach, It's nice to know I can count on someone." I smile and bid him farewell and leave for my next class.

PE: he came and sat next to my teacher and they were having a conversation. My friend kept saying he was constantly looking over at me but I dismissed her. Then towards the end of class my earphones broke and I scream out at my friend,"KISS IT MAKE IT BETTER!" And Mr.S and my teacher look over at me all weirdly lol. Then my teacher came by and asked what we were laughing at and I go, "If I had a boyfriend, he'd be named Dill so I can called him Dill Pickle and he'd have curly brown hair and crazy green eyes and luscious tan skin...!" And she started laughing and Mr.S was looking at me the whole time I said it (the description is of him, but not the name if y'all noticed!) and then, me and my friend were the last people out of the gym except Mr.S cause he was sweeping and we made a bet that he'd wink at me again and guess what! While I was walking out HE WINKED AGAIN! (: he is so beautiful and unbearably sweet and cute but so deadly confusing, ughhhhhh!

Okay, I need to talk to all of you. At the moment, my grades are slipping, I'm dying inside, and starting to not eat again. I'm being bullied not just at school but on the Internet. Please, stop with the mean comments and rude messages. You don't have to believe ANYTHING I say, I am not making you. I just want to get my life off my chest. I'm so confused with life, it's easier to tell someone it. I don't mind anybody criticizing but it has been going to far lately. Remember what you say okay guys? It gets to people.

Okay hope everybody has a great Maestro Monday tomorrow(; Adios!
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Loving your storys but I am reading them backwards at the moment newest to oldest x

Lol thanks! (:

Ignore the rude people. I enjoy reading your stories. This is our community and if they don't like it they can leave.

im so happy that your teacher likes you- not sure which way but im happy for you--- and those grades? just get off the ipad, put it somewhere you cant touch and say after i do this, i can do this. dont worry- itll tak e a while. and eat. its for you , and your life, and the people you need you. and if you are being bullied? keeep your head up, doll. those kids are jerks, and one day you'll be al happy for the way you are.

Thank you so much(:

Message me if you ever need/want to talk! I'm here:)

Message me and I will give you my email!

Email me darling!!

Just ignore the trolls, they go away when they aren't fed lol but yeah, it's really sweet that you stayed behind :) I wouldn't have the confidence to do that.