Mhmm, Christmas Spirit(;

Gahhh, life was so great today!!!
Okay so homeroom:

Walk in with new haircut "hey guys!" I say to my friends. "Whoa Rachel, you look so pretty!!" Or "please stop being so beautiful Rachel, it hurts!" I heard from others. Even a few guys gave compliments, it was nice. (: then Mr.S notices while this guy named Tim was telling me it looked good and he goes, "Whoa, you got a haircut Rach! It looks really nice, you look cute--- I mean like good, you know?" He starts blushing and I blush and then I sit down and hear a few more compliments. Then Mrs.F (the annoying teacher that I love/hate because she ALWAYS flirts with him :/) came in and was flirting with him and she goes, "oh yeah, who was your card from btw? All kinds if teachers were saying with how thoughtful yours was, and I wanted to know who it was!" He laughed and then goes, "Rach did it! Hey, Rach, btw thanks for the card, I really loved it. It was sweet*pauses* you're sweet." I died right then and there. "Ha, we'll thanks Mr.S... I try to be ha." I said. He laughed and turned back to Mrs.F. Then she left and I was thinking about Christmas trees and I go, "Oh Mr.S, you should get a tree! It'd be so festive! Pleaseeee get one!" He laughs and goes, "why not? Would you consider getting me one? I'll only put it up if you gave it to me." Oh boy was I blushing. He laughs and goes, "So is that a maybe?" I nod and start smiling like an idiot. Gahhh, I'm so obvious huh?? Lol who cares! Then sadly it was time to leave. I asked him when the nest basketball game was but I can't go because I'm punished and I also have a game to play so darn lol.

Oh and should I bring some mistletoe when I give him the tree??? (:

How was everybody's day? (:
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hey hon, my name is windspun and though I do not think I've commented on any of your stories I have been reading some of them. I have a crush on my prof, which is why I joined this group, too. :)
I am sorry to hear you are being bullied. Plese do not take what I am saying this way. Everything I am writing I write with good intentions.
I am going to be a teacher, and in a class today we were talking about these very situations: when teachers and students fall in love (or at least have relations). Hunny I am just really worried for you. It is not because of the age difference, it is not because you are young, it is not like that at all. It sounds like he is a great guy who really, really likes you back. I know this sounds awesome but even if he has good intentions, the more you egg him on, the harder it will be to keep your relationship professional and appropriate, for both of you. And once you cross that line its so hard to turn back. I know you care for him deeply. I just think if it is truely love you have found, it *will* be able to survive the wait until you are of age. I know it is hard, but it has to be this way. I am sure you have heard this kind of thing before, but I am really worried for you.
I hope this made some sense.

It did and dont worry. I'm so done with him, I can't even look at him anymore... I just. I'm done.
Sorry for wasting everyone's time.

Okay. I think you have lots of friends on here already but if you need to vent I'm here.

omg he called you cute :P I dunno about the mistletoe, he seems kind of skittish/afraid (even though he obviously likes you)... what if you decorated the tree, stuck some mistletoe on it like it was nbd, and then let him decide whether or not he wants to notice?

Yes yes yes and yes on the mistletoe