"hatb" 12/04/12 Fml :( Urgent!!

I am officially depressed.

When the bell rang today to go to 5th period after lunch, I was walking with my friend Julie and my friend Domino. While walking, i spotted Mr. H down one of the hallways that I was passing. I giggled and buried my face into my coat that I was carrying. I then felt Domino grab my book bag and she said "whats wrong? did you see mr. h naked?" and I turned around to look at her and Mr. H was literally RIGHT BEHIND US. I am almost certain that he heard everything and that he knows that I like him.

What should I do? Please answer, i'm desperate. I'm thinking about asking to stay home tomorrow. Should I e-mail him? I'm just not sure if he heard or not but i really think he did. I just don't like confrontation and I don't want anything to be awkward, especially since i'm the first one to his class everyday. THIS IS URGENT :((
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

Don't e-mail him. You don't need to, he might not have heard you, and if he did, he might not think anything of it. If you're worried, just wait a little bit before going to his class so you're not the first one there! It's gonna be ok, don't worry!

okay :-/ Its just that he was soo close, like literally RIGHT THERE. I just have bad history with guys finding out that I like them and being rejected. I'm not expecting him to say he likes me back (i'm awkward, unattractive, and he has a gf anyway).

Awkward can be cute! And I bet you're not unattractive, just modest! But it'd probably be easier on you both and far less embarrassing if you pretended like it didn't happen.

That is true, thanks :)