History Teacher

im a female who has been in love with my history teacher for five years now.. she knows everything about me, has seen me at my highs and lows. I just graduated and during the summer we spent alot of time together... i cant shake this feeling.. i dont know if i should tell her how i feel or just keep it to myself...any suggestions would help alot.. thanks!
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

Can you tell us more about your situation?

i have told her everything in my life, she has saved my life from drugs and alcohol. Helped me get my life on the right track and has made me the positive and healthy person i am today. I have met her parents stayed there a couple weekends, it was helping me get away from my abusive mother nothing more than that. I also spent alot of time helping her move to a new house all summer helped her pack things and move stuff. We still spend alot of time texting and go for supper and just hang out. I am in love with this woman and dont know if i will ruin this relationship by telling her this. I am almost 19 and she is 30...

Hmm ... well I think the first step would be to try to figure out if she's straight or not. Perhaps you could let it slip in a conversation that you like girls and see how she reacts.