Is There Something Wrong With Me?

Today was simply odd. I mean normally my Chemistry teacher will stare every now and then but today was beyond what he's normally like. I was last to leave on the Chemistry test and when I looked up sometimes he was looking at me.
Then I came out of my Physics class and I knew he would be in the science office next door. Normally it's me who looks in but today, as soon as he heard my voice when I said by to the teacher his head shot up and he was staring again.
Then I was waiting outside Biology (also opposite the science office) and he kept staring at me.
It's like he's been staring all day. When I had to go in the office to talk to a teacher he was waiting around and the teacher actually asked "don't you have a lesson to teach?" Then he rushed off.
It was quite funny though cause he walked down the corridor and looked back at me, then walked straight into one of the younger years XD but yeah does he think im some weirdo or something? I feel really self conscious when he stared today :-/
The2ndLaw The2ndLaw
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Sounds like he might fancy you, which may seem like a compliment, but should be reported. Just talk to a school counselor and tell them it's making you uncomfortable. I'm sure you are an attractive person and there are plenty of people now, and later in your age group, that would like to have a relationship with you. Good luck.