I Was, Years Ago (6)

After my week off of self loathing and sleeping, I finally got the will to go into school. Everything seemed to go back to normal and it seemed that Miles' mood was better. We were joking and flirting like normal again.

That afternoon he asked me if I wanted a lift home and I jumped at the chance. We got in his car and started to drive, he was taking me straight home this time (rather than to the local supermarket).

The closer and closer we got, the more I realised that at some point I'd have to tell him that I "moved" to my mum's house. I could've just walked from my father's house to my mum's place but knowing Miles he'd want to walk me to the door and say hello to my father (and I certainly wasn't doing that).

Once we got closer to the turn I simply told him that it was left at the turning and hoped he didn't ask questions. "But isn't your house to the right?"

"Well, I moved," I snipped. Of course Miles continued asking questions. When did this happen? How far did you move? I thought you just moved, etc. I quickly told him I got kicked out and that I was sleeping on my mum's sofa for the time being. "You're sleeping on the sofa?!" he asked. I told him that it was more comfortable than the battered mattress I'd been on at my father's.

By this point we were stopped outside my mum's flat and he said, "Why don't you come live with me?" I laughed before I could help myself. I had seen this scenario in my head before but I never thought it would happen.

I really, really wanted to take the offer but I could just imagine the reaction of his girlfriend. It'd be too awkward, I thought, and so I politely declined. "Well just know there's a bed available at mine if you ever need it."
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Dec 5, 2012