"hatb" 12.05.12 False Alarm :)

I talked to my friend domino today (read previous story to catch up if you haven't already) and she apologized for what she said. She also said that she talked to Mr. H and he didn't even know what she was talking about :D so I am happy and everything is good and jolly again heheuhe.

Today in Mr. H's class, we read a little bit and watched a video. He smiled at a comment that I made. Like, a full fledged smile :3

I turned in an assignment to him that was late (don't judge !) and I got a 90 on it. When I sent it, i didn't attach a message or anything, because I did last time and I didn't want him getting suspicious and weirded out. The assignment was About World War II and we had to make "tweets" from people during the war. The first one I did was about Adolf hitler, and I used this picture for his avi:

About 10 mintues later, Mr. H emailed me !!! he said "An Adolf Hitler selfy? Amazing." and i replied "Yeah, he's so hipster, don't judge him."

heheheehe! I was so happy. This is the first time that he initiated conversation lol. I stayed after school with my friend today. On our way to a classroom, I saw him walk past down the hallway and I nearly passed out. Everytime I see him, I just get butterflies :D
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

I'm glad everything worked out!!! And your love for him is adorable, just saying.

Thanks again :) I was so freaked out for nothing. And lol, thanks.