He's a ****. I'm serious. So as you know, I'm done with him. Or so I thought.


Walked in and I still looked like I was crying (over the course of the night I was crying and had really terrible nightmares about some stuff and then I woke up screaming/sobbing through the whole night... It was terrible.) and people were wondering what's wrong. I didn't answer and I put my earphones in as usual. Usually he doesn't care. Nope, not today. He sat in his chair and stared at me and then while I'm listening to music he comes up to my desk, TAKES my earphones out of my ears, TAKES it out of my IPad and then puts my IPad down. Like WTF. You should have seen my face you guys. As if I wasn't already a mess, this made me even crazier. I put my hands into fists and I felt like I just needed to punch him and my friend noticed and was like, "Rachel... Don't." I calmed down and let it go. I couldn't look at him. Like who the hell does that??

Then I was walking in the hall with my friends and he was getting water and he kept looking over so I start acting weird and trying to hide myself and my friend wanted to see my IPad because her girlfriend messages me and was helping me out today and I was gonna send her some messages but she kept freaking out so I yelled a bit to loudly, "OKAY I GET IT, I WILL LET YOU SEE THE EMAILS LATER." And I got frustrated and annoyed and just ughhhh. He looked the whole time, and he stood right behind me the whole time, and I could feel him. I don't understand. I really don't.

If any guys have ANY idea what the **** he's doing, please do tell. I don't bite. :)

Okay hope everyone had a ratchet day (jk I hope everyone's day was glorious) I love y'all! Have a nice night(:
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I THINK HES SCARED. You can consider telling him how you feel. Whats there to lose? Please message me when you see this, I'm gonna give some advice but not here, everyone can see it! :P <3333

Lol message me dear, I don't really message anyone anymore.

he is probably just soooo confused .. not knowing what your thinking or what he is feeling all the while trying to work out your actions. xx

He is experiencing a midlife crisis.LOL

I see what you did there(:

Aww, I'm sorry you're going through this. :( He's really being a jerk. I think there are at least two explanations for his behavior. The first one is what you think: he knows you like him, has enjoyed the attention, and is toying with you. But there's also the possibility that he knows you like him and also likes you back. Whenever I like someone and I don't want to admit it to other people, I end up pointing out to my friends when I think the guy I like is flirting with me. Like, if I see them staring, I'll be like, "Oh my god, X keeps staring at me!!" I'll act like I don't like it, but really I'm waiting for my friends to say, "Maybe he likes you." Since Mr. S is a teacher, he might be acting like he doesn't reciprocate your feelings because he's afraid of being found out by other teachers. He obviously feels guilty about whatever he's doing with you.

I think he's trying to make the other teachers think that he doesn't like you because he's worried. He might be afraid you're going to say something to another teacher and get him in trouble, or he might be worried one of the teachers is going to get suspicious (i.e. because of all the staring he does that other teachers have seen). He also is probably feeling really guilty, either because he likes you or because he's leading you on.

The thing is ... he's acting really obsessed. Like, he obviously thinks about this a lot (thus his mood swings) and he seems to be talking about it a lot, too. That's why I think he secretly likes you and is trying to make it seem like he doesn't. However, I can't say for sure because I'm only going off what you're saying. Which explanation makes more sense to you?

Personally, the second one. It seems so probable! But maybe he's a bit freaked out though, like you said. I'm laying off for awhile. I just, can't handle it at the moment. I really like this comment, it made me think! Thank you!'

Glad I could be of help! I reeeeaaaaallllly hope it's the second one. I think you're right that it's a good idea to lay off for a while, though. Sounds like you need some rest!

I do, I haven't been focusing on school lately. Been to distracted. I need to get back in the game(: and yeah, This comment affected me lol so thanks and if you ever wanna talk, I'm on here! :) I hope it's the second one too(: