"hatb" 12/06/12 Lovely Day

Today was nice :3 When I walked into Mr. H's class room, he said, "heyyy hipster hitler" (read previous story if you don't get it) and I just laughed and said "i had to use the picture haha" and He said "Coz (my friend from his other class) had a better one----- well, not better but really good" and i just kinda was like, "oh :/" but he corrected himself so idk. We took a test in his class today....... I GOT A FREAKIN' 100 !!! hehe. he also pointed out his car to me and my friend, it's a red jeep Grand Cherokee. Niiiiiceee (coming from someone without a car lol) and we had a meeting for the junior class today and on our way back (after he showed us his car) and jumped up and hit the ceiling while he was walking hahahaha hes so dreamy :D
kelly1333 kelly1333
Dec 6, 2012