Muhahahahaha Mhmmmm Yeah Buddayyyy

Hay, so today was good I guess(: what happened... Um. Oh yeah. Lol sorry.

Didn't talk , I read my book because I need to catch up on my reading but he came and checked out my book (it's about a boy with autism and he's accused with murder lol) and he made a weird face and kept walking. He's so like... Judgy. Like he judges everything and I can't judge a living soul. I just can't lol.

Then Mass:
So I got all sad because Im slowly losing my faith and then the reading was totally relatable and I wanted to cry because the depressing/suicidal thoughts I've been having were coming in my head and they scare me so much. Then I took a glance at him and HE WAS STARING STRAIGHT AT ME!! Then we stared for like two seconds and then he quickly looked away. I felt victorious lol. (;

Homeroom again:
Went back and I was talking to my friend and he was all mad and stuff and in a pissy mood. Ugh.

At lunch I get a bit crazy... So I start talking bout humping because the word is just so funny and people are looking at me like wtf. So my teachers didnt hear me but I just wouldn't stop laughing. Say humping in a really weird voice, it's fun.

Hated my life but acted like I loved it. Mrs.F came and flirted with him for 20 minutes and he was all sad before she came in and right when she came in A HUGE GRIN WENT ACROSS HIS HANDSOME FACE, I wanted to smack the beautiful smile off his face. I was so sad. Everyone noticed how happy he got so we all started laughing and saying how weird it is cause they seem "in love" I even made fun of it and stuff. But I was really sad and just was ughhhh!they were talking and looking at something on his phone and she goes, "THAT'S SEXY!"
**** you. No, he's mine, lay the hell off, ***. I wanted to kill you guys, I'm hormonal at the moment so give me a break lol.
Then I start making fun and say "awww the love birds." But I was so post off on the inside ughhh.

He went for a run and such, didnt see him.

After school basketball game:
Had to stay till 6:00 for my game so why not stay there? I stayed for like 3 hours and he came in around 5ish all hot and sweaty and Mhmmmm. He sat across the gym, in the same spot as me but on the other side. He sat there looking gorgeous and. Swear we made eye contact the whole time(: ahhhh. My friend Caroline noticed and was laughing lol she's so great! Then, my teacher Mrs.B was asking me to babysit maybe one day and he came and sat down next to her and it was almost time to leave and she was like, "You need to go!" And I'm like, "my coach won't be there until the game starts so I'm not in a rush." And then he goes, "if I was your coach, I'd be pretty pist if you weren't there on time." So I defiantly say back, "well I procrastinate way to much and I'm waiting for someone so like I said, I'm not in a rush." Then Awkward silence came and Mrs.B goes, "so my son really likes you, I hope my daughter does too!" And we laughed and he sat there listening and then, I knew I had to leave so I'm saying my goodbyes and I didn't tell him goodbye and he goes, "GOODLUCK RACH, HOPE YOU WIN!" Really loudly and then I say, "Thanks, bye!" And ahhhhhhhhh, I love him(: he just. Oh.

Soccer game:
My coach was late 15 minutes after the game so yeah. We tied 2-2 and I assisted a goal(: AWWWW YEAH! Lol

I liked today, I really did, I was actually sorta happy(:
Thank you to everyone who has been helping me.
Abby, Marie, cierra, and many other on this site and on others. I really love everyone, I can't even say how much you all help. (: thank you(:

Okay, hope everyone's day was great(: night, I love you all(:
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Awh I love you my dear!

Chica, it is okay to love him and to dislike his unsavory behavior at times. I think it would be better to move on. Perhaps he can be a friend to you. There is chemistry and interest. I think that this a a trick , sticky situation and not quite right. Too much interest and sexual tension .... Waiting to explode. Lol so ... He is not ready for you yet. Find someone else. I am sure he will find someone else too. Also if you don't mind me asking What month were you born and what month he is born in.