I Am You Teacher Who Knew How To Take Care Of You I Was The Second One In Your Life But The First One In Loving You

Ok I got the title from a song and of course I was thinking about Mr Ramirez<3 today it was a saaaaaad day for me because my best friend is leaving the school and this was her last day..she's from a city called Monterrey,shehad a hard time when she came to this school and wants to return to her hometown..at first she was the one who was in love with Mr R and I was just like "estas loca.." and then I felt the same,however! Actually she's the one I mentioned in my last story about her butt and everything, I am going to miss her:( but that's the way it is..

I hadn't posted a story in a long time but guess what? About 1 week ago Mr R gave us A notebook for writing like a journal,and yes he reads it-.- even though I try not to write anything personal,I wrote something about the blog and today he came up with a couple of videos about the safety when you are online and I don't know what and yes,they talked about having a blog and as we were watching them he was there staring at me like he'd knew something, I was so damn FREAKED OUT:( so Mr Ramirez if you are reading this I LOVE YOU! Nah no es cierto.aaaagh terrible day! The only good thing is that he's got a new haircut and he was wearing that black tigh shirt and I got to see him for 2 hours wooohooo. We were just playing Jenga:) oh and on saturday and Sunday in school we are having an event of Choir about a playing with a dinner, I saw on his desk that he had a reservation for that (since he and the choir teacher are BFF) I was like "Aw are you coming sir?" and he goes "yeah..oh you are in choir right?" and I go "siiiiii how did you know?" and he was like "I know everything about you..but I don't know if I should come on Saturday or Sunday" and I go "I'm going to perform on Sunday" and he goes "then I will come on Sunday" omg I think he will always be a tiny sweetheart<3
Monicalaguapa Monicalaguapa
18-21, F
Dec 6, 2012