How Do You Know He Feels The Same

No one wants to be wrong. No one wants to make the first move. Always waiting for someone to go in 60% but how do you know before you go? How do you know it's for real and not just feeling or being sensitive? Is it the way he stares at you, do you feel like your the only one he's talking to? When he hovers over your shoulder more, could that be a sign? Or catches up to you when your down the hall and makes little conversations. Maybe hes friendly or possibly your his favorite. But are you the only favorite. And is it something more then just a favorite. Dont let your ears trick you and your eyes fool you. Mirages can be if real, When is the right time to test and confront your feelings, is, there ever a right time? if untestable, will you be ok living your life wondering what if? Or with that person constantly on your mind?
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my guy actually said once.... "the worst thing to wonder is what could have been". I've remembered that for months now. It's so meaningful. The formula for all (well.. most) of these stories is to......... successful future with him=getting friendly when you're his student+keep in contact when no longer a student x LUCK.

Thank you :) that is so true. I never want to live my life wondering what if.. I can keep a conversation with him but I just dont know what to say when taking the next step.. It will come together I guess. Maybe I shouldn't think too far

"I am definitely a person who makes up my own morals" smart girl. There is no standard in morals, it's different for everybody, but generally if you are not hurting anybody directly or has consecuence that you are prepared to deal with. you make your decision accordingly.

Definitely true! Thank you for sharing it goes wonderfully with what I was saying :)

It is a quote from your story, that's why it's in quotation mark. :)

True but you said it in different way.. I was looking for the right word and I couldn't think of the right word in one of my sentances.. And the word "standard" was what I was looking for.. "There is no standard in morals" was the exact thing I want to say


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Good jeeves, im sorry that was soo long..

Ethics are somethings to think about.. I think it also depends on the situation. Teacher-student dating while class is going on is a big no-no. He has alot of "power" and I can see how emotions play a negative role in grades& in drama..but I feel like if the teacher is that person to cheat grades it already might happen without the relationship. Alot of my past teachers had "favorites" and those students end up getting A's out of the class. And this is college. (talk about equal opportunity). People complained, nothing happened. Seeing this makes the(teacher-student) ethic code at school a joke.

What I get from it: dating+such is a no-no in they're ok just be secret. I am definitely a person who makes up my own morals. I'm not say the ethic code is useless but it seems only paid attention to on certian circumstances or to extent....

I think is fine if your out of the class and harmless when youre out of the school and legal. Why shouldn't I date him/her? We have no benefits that will hurt anyone.
being wrong: there's a lot of cultural influences. And I'm finding some of them are wrong. Some things that are wrong are just different.

But i feel like i cant give up on him! Its like theres a voice within thAt whispers: "Have faith" "Be positive" n its like stronger than my will :)

You shouldn't give up then, follow your heart. I'm not at all saying to give up..I want people to try to get their dreams. I wrote this because I remember reading someones story and a girl ask "what are the signs my teacher likes me?" And I wanted to bring some ideas up.

Oh yah yah i know def positive :) just wanted to say something personal about it :)

Thank you for sharing and good luck :)

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I never wanted to be wrong,so I didn't make a "move".I can't,my ethics,his ethics.So it's strictly 0% on my side,if not even less.I flinched away,shied away...practically fled.I don't want to dream an impossibility.

Lucky you :(

you think so??*sad smile*

Are u asking me? If it's about following your dreams and everything I said then YES! :D

But it still hurts to leave...

Why do you have to leave?

What else there could be?i'm going for med school.He'll be here,teaching.Only facebook links me up to him where I don't even talk to him...or be there when he's online,for a fact.I'm torn..

Sorry so late..i didnt see this.. I don't know.. Cause I know you have a busy schedule.
On my side :I dont go to the same school any more but I commute. And he isnt too far so I plan to visit like one a month or so. May you can see him in the summer when your off from school? Just stop by..

I'm not sure that he'll know me by then...or if I'll be too awkward...

I'm guessing that your going to be traveling far for nursing school plus it's a lot to handle.. I dont think he will for get you.. Teachers are good with teacher still remembered my name and face and I didn't have or see him in a year.. It seem like alot of teachers are good with faces and names especially if you had some conversations and laughter.. I remember in one of your stories, you said his face lit up when you told him you were going to nursing school.. I dont think he will forget you.. You two are around the same age..kinda.. You have a bit of a chance..and I dont think anyone will look at it bad.. People might for get you were even in his class..

You classmates (possibly if they even remember you) and your parents are the only two are so close in age and you dont go to that school anymore. You no longer have that student-teacher relation..really... I doubt your past teacher will get in trouble..It's not like he's breaking any rules.. If you live in the USA/Canada it really doesnt matter in this hole case.. but i'm not sure how stricked where you live is..


no no,it's a bit unconventional to ME,because I'm a,formal.And no,it isn't nursing,I'm gonna be a doctor.So,career-wise,I'm just as qualified as him(he's studying Engineering) It's ME who's just feeling awkward,but several of my classmates(and some seniors too)are to get...his "attention"...and I just can't get out of my head that he's my TEACHER.

oh no no,people note me well enough,see I'm Asian.and things here is pretty close-knitted.Beside,I'd a...good result,so people at my class know me well.And so does he.

oh okay I understand got a lot of obstacles in your way.
It feels like your just caught in the middle.. I can"t advise you on too much because I see both are important to you and you have to decide. I'm sure the right answer will come to you.

:) yeah.I hope so too.

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