"hatb" 12.07.12 - :3

Not much happened today, he was wearing his USC shirt from college :3 He looked good. Like always, of course. When I walked into his classroom, he was walking out and i got a good whiff of him. It didn't smell like cologne, it just smelt really good, i guess it's his pheromones haha. We started talking about the 1950's in his class. Not much happened today :-L

But on my way to math class, i was walking down the hall and he suddenly came down the hall, showing someone where to go. But when I saw him and heard his voice, i promise my heart and my stomach dropped . I just couldn't take it and i freaked out. I am just in love with this man. Am I weird?
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

lol you're not weird xD i enjoy smelling the one i love too, because if you get their scent, it's kind of like... you know a part of them /: pleasing to a lover's mind, is all. happens to all of us :P