We Talked And He Was Nice(:

So for soccer yesterday I got an assist and I was really happy. I mean I didn't make the goal but hey, I helped! So I was really happy and such and people were like, "GREAT GAME RACHEL, WE SAW WHAT YOU DID! GREAT JOB!" And I'm like, "awwww you guys, stop(;" lol well, he heard. He goes, "What happened at the game?" And I'm like, "I assisted a goal. Our first goal that game!" And I do thing with my hands and he mirrored my movement and he's like, "What was that? Haha" and I'm like," idk something weird I do haha." And we talked about soccer and such. Then it was time to leave. I was so happy that he's being nicer and stuff. That was the last time I saw him today though :/ wah.

We tied 4-4 and I almost got a goal but the goalie sadly did her job and got the ball :/ but whatever. Anyways, I was thinking of him the entire game and daydreaming about us and whatnot and then I got back in game mode but EVERYTIME his name came to mind, I'd get this burst of adrenaline and run faster and harder and do everything I could to get goals and stuff. They told me that I've never played that good as I did today and how phenomenal I did. (I got hurt, I have a shin splint and they think I might have a hairline fracture :/) but I was really happy because I almost got the ball in several times! And the coaches were really impressed and were saying, "we didn't wanna take you out cause you were doing so good! But when you got hit we noticed you limping so we had to take you out." And I was all sad. I really want my dream of getting the goal in! Lol :

Night guys(:
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I gotta talk to you!!!

Talk to me!!!

Congrats ! :) I hope your injury isn't serious!

Me too! Lol