Happy Birthday

Well it was his birthday yesterday and I have to say it did make me feel a bit sad. He turned 26 which is only 10 years older than me, but still 10 years older than me if that makes sense.
Anyway he handed me a book yesterday and our finger brushed as he passed it to me and we just sort of lingered there holding this book until I moved away. He was saying how he feels old now so I started teasing him about his age saying it's only a few years until he can retire. lol he gave me the evil eyes for that but he still had this huge smile on his face.
Then in lesson this kid sat in front of me, blocking the view of the teachers desk. I sort of smiled when my teacher kept moving in his seat to look at me.
I was waiting outside of my Physics lesson talking to my friend and I looked down towards his classroom and he was leaning out of the doorway staring at me.
I give up telling myself I don't love him so yeah, I love him! :-/
The2ndLaw The2ndLaw
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I read this and it made my heart flutter. That's so sweet. You know what? Who cares if he's 10 years older than you. Love whoever you want to. :) --True story, I also fell in love with someone 10 years older than me about... 3-4 years ago. It didn't really work out due to the fact that he had no intention of committing, but we're still good friends to this day. ...And now I'm stuck on someone else who's 4 years older than me. But in all honesty, go for it. :)

Only trouble is that he's my teacher :-/ But yeah all I keep saying to myself is that if he feels the same way he would wait for me

Exactly. And I can tell that he likes you. :) Don't give up hope.