I Can't Explain Singe Things.

Some things are impossible to explain, like my love for you. I know it's wrong for a student to love a teacher but you are irresistable and I don't think you know it.

I wish I could tell him this. I would like to have any info on how to kindly let him know that I like him.
girlinlovewithmrhahn girlinlovewithmrhahn
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Girl don't put his picture on here. Someone will see it and and try to figure out who you are. Don't display his first and last name either. I saw his full name on the picture. Just making a few suggestions. Be very careful because alot of people look at your profile and stories.

I'm be so terrified to leave a note! But I commend you on doing it, let us know how it turns out(: