My Love Troubles

Hello Guys im lyk new here so Hi, im going to tell ya'll sumthin bwt my story even if im not sure it can b called a story. I attend my first year at the saint louis college of music and I love it so much! And here come the troubles... I met this man whos actually my teacher N hes so damn handsome n special... Im hardly trying to catch his eye and we do look at each other like wer flirting or something. I have thoght about a plan lately and i asked him if he works on somegood jazz courses i cud take part of n we have started talkin about it n jazz even on facebook. I wud like to stress hes over 25yrs older than me but still available lol. Do u think this is going to turn out into something good? :)
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4 Responses Dec 9, 2012

you never know,,,age is just a number

I agree :) its just hard... the horoscope says LOVE. you will have to try harder lol

love just happens ,when you think you have it,,,just have to really sort it all out making sure it's not just lust or a infatuation,,

how do I know it's not infatuation? I mean I don't even know I ever fallen in love lol

He is too old for you. Too many differences in age. I used to be married to a man 23 years older than me. We loved each other but age gap messed up a lot of things. Older folks are at a different place in their lives.

the trouble with love is u just cant refuse the call, it dont matter how fast u fall , its stronger than ma pride... how do I just deny it to me?

the fact that you guys are looking at each other is a good starting point! just let things progress naturally(:

ThAnk you very much your comments have given me hope :)

Hmm it could do, of course it would have to be when you leave because it's against the law for teacher-student relationships but yeah, the eye-catch is always good :)

He also remembers my name even if he has over 20classes in and out of my school, and i have a different name on facebook, he wud remember em both :) maybe its just me being stupid due to my huge crush i have for him but dunno i wudnt ignore those signs :)