He Doesn't Know The Real Me...

I've been thinking these past few days and once again arguing with myself about liking him (I said I wouldn't but it's unavoidable).
It was when I was reading some peoples messages when I realised my teacher doesn't know anything about the real me.
I moved to the school three months ago so I'm fairly new and this school really is changing my life for the better. At my last school I had depression and anxiety and the new school is really helping me recover at the moment.
I just feel like he wouldn't give his little smiles and stare the way he does if he knew of all the scars I have from my past.
But anyway, he saved me from my Maths exam today because we couldn't leave the room so I was sat there bored when he came in and said he needed to go through my exam paper with me so yeah we spent the rest of the lesson in his class talking while I worked through my homework from other lessons :) ah he's so adorable and I'm so dysfunctional.
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

if anything your past will just make him feel closer to you, If anything take some good from your bad past and yous it to your advantage. Ask to talk to him, confide in him about everything and make sure he knows how his class has changed you, how good a teacher he is and just add in that being at the new school has really changed you, your happier and stuff xx What's the point in going through all the **** you did if you don't get to use it in the future xx good luck ..

Thanks your message has cleared some things up for me in my head :) He has really made me feel a lot better at school and made me feel more confident

Yeah one of my favorite things is letting my teacher crush into something of my past, sometimes he reciprocates but either way I feel like we get closer. It takes time to get there though start light then get personal(:

I think he would be understanding hopefully but he's the teacher everybody likes so I just mistake his personality sometimes for someone who wouldn't care :)

Hahaha that's understandable, which is why you test him with lil insignificant stories and see how he handles those then move bigger!