Number 32

Couldn't think of what to name the story for today so I put the questions number he asked me lol. Btw I got that question wrong, I'm pathetic lol.

So today was alright. Spread my distance, read a book, the usual. I accidentally made him laugh. I was kind of talking to myself since no one listens to me anyways and he listened.... It was nice. On the tv they were saying how half the of the country is in a drought and as it says that, it's pouring buckets outside. So of coarse I'm going to be sarcastic and rude and go, "well they can take our rain! Not like we don't ahve enough to go around..." And he busted out laughing! I was like, "ohhh Kay." And he goes, "that's funny rach!" And I'm like, "I'm just a joker huh..." And he finally stopped. Oh jeez, I'm not that funny! Or am I?

Well, I didn't eat lunch, it looked Discusting! So I'm talking with my friends and we are talking about Tom Hiddleston! And as I walk out the door, I almost run into Mr.S and I'm saying, "I want him so much, he is so beautiful. I could do many things to that man!" And my friend starts laughing and I know he heard me! I started blushing and ran away. Gahhh, I'm weird. -___-

Then math class. I was bored and tired and hungry. He was in a bad mood. But idk... He seemed to get happier when he talked to me. He made me answer only two questions today and I caught his gaze 3 times. He didn't catch mine but after the fiest time I caught him staring, he would just stare. I stared back. I eventually would smile and turn my head in embarrassment. He's so cute... And his butt today. I've never seen something so perfect lol. Sorry... Haha.

Then in PE my teacher and I started talking about me babysitting her kids and he came in and whatnot. He sat down by her the whole period and I was talking to her and I knew they probably wanted to talk so I ended the convo. Well he started getting up a few minutes later and he stretched and guys.... His shirt came up. I DIED. I like couldn't breathe and he is so cute! He even bit his bottom lip while doing it!! AH! And I'm dying and he's still stretching and his tummy like OMG. Okay, I didn't see an 6 pack or anything but he kind of had a happy trail which I find adorably cute and like a V and I'm like Crap he works out! And just... Idk he's just so precious!

Then I missed my bus to go to practice and I asked Mrs.B and she took me. I loved riding with her but I kind of regretted it because I should have asked Mr.S.... But Mrs.B was already leaving and he wasn't so... Yeah.

So i don't think I'm gonna get him a tree. I've been a bit to obvious lately! Lol but I still have his present and I'm thinking about writing him a poem instead of a card. It won't be about love or anything, just about how amazing he is(:

Alright, night guys. Sweet dreams. May God protect all of you, and Michael too(: (oh btw, my faith is restored!!)
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Awwwww That's so cute :))) , Hehehe I ike the V lol :P:P:P and good luck girl , maybe he was in a bad mood because he heard you saying "I want him so much, he is so beautiful. I could do many things to that man!"
maybe he thought that we were talking about a one you love , and that's why he kept staring at you :) which is good btw , good luck <3

i looooove the V thing! precious story(:

aww. this is cute.... im gonna stick with you in this. cuz i think u might have a shot if hes younger than 30 and is single

He's 34 sadly but I'm fine with it, never had a problem with age lol xD

He's still single though! :)

but the question is if he would want someone 20 years younger for a life long mate. and if its not what he wants, well, all that time and effort into nothing. a sunken cost.

Very true, I'm scared that I might be wasting my teenagehood on someone who can/will never want me back. But I like having determination, even if it tears me apart. But most of the time, it makes me whole, he saves me. I guess that why I love him so much. (:

wow, i feel exactly as you do, seriously haha.

Ha, we'll I'm glad I can be of assistance. :)

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Damn I'm in love with all ur stories from number one plz make a story of day to day ❤

Aww thanks! I usually do, not on weekends unless I see him lol (: