Chemistry Experiments Aren't So Bad

So yeah I had to do another practical in Chemistry yesterday and I have to say that I hated these experiments so far this term. Well anyway we had to burn some chemical things and do a titration today (if you don't know what it is, it's basically a stupid experiment that I can never get right).

Well the teacher can't really help us all too much on these practicals so I got set up and got my Bunsen burner...only to find it didn't work. So after about ten Bunsen burners later, my teacher decides to 'help out' by laughing at me :-/ He just said "Are you okay?" snickering with that stupid adorable grin on his face. I was just like, "Sir, I broke science". So yeah I had to move to a desk on the front to try those gas taps which eventually worked. I was trying to turn the Bunsen burner to a different setting when his hand just sort of came over mine and turned it on, but literally his hand was practically holding mine.

Then in the titration I was measuring the chemical into the burette (ooh I sound all technical lol) and I wasn't tall enough and he was laughing at me again. I just gave him the evils and said "Sir I give up today if you keep laughing at me" and he just gave this adorable little smile and said "aw don't give up, you're the only one who wants to do Chemistry next year. I'll be sat on my own if you hate Chemistry". (BTW I naturally like Chemistry, not just because my teacher is gorgeous). So yeah after the general doubts yesterday it was actually a good day. Only thing was the embarrassing part of wearing a lab coat and goggles cause they were those horrible goggles. But yeah I kept trying to fix my hair while wearing them and he said "Your hair looks beautiful, just get on with the practical". It doesn't matter to him, he looked really cute in his lab coat and goggles that didn't mess up his hair (he has this faux-hawk thing going on ^_^)
I swear this man loves bullying me lol
The2ndLaw The2ndLaw
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012