Can't Get It Out Of My Mind!

Ok so in my last teacher story I spoke about Mr.A, how much I loved him, how he ACTUALLY returned the feelings once I came clean and how he was my first. We saw eachother for a little while after that and now that I have left school I miss him. We did see eachother, like I said, even after I had finished but I totaly freaked out, cut all contact with him after three months and I regret it soo badly, I deleted him number, his e-mail. I have no way to get in contact with him without going up to that stupid school 5 minutes away from me and I am not even sure he would want to talk with me. He had just told me he loved me. Gosh I am such a **** !!!!!

So last time I wrote I said I was going to go up but with my hours of work that has been impossible. I am so depressed about this. Just want to see him again, to feel him and kiss him, wow it seems like just yesterday I was sitting in his class begging in my head for him to notice me... Any advice on how to go about this?
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You should go visit "the school" and walk by his class but go chat with your other teachers first, get his attention this way. Btw I love your teacher story

Visit him at school. If you remember his email write to him. If you love him tell him also tell him you freaked and apologize to him for hurting him and ask for forgiveness. You both were hurt in this. When you share yourself with someone it is a spiritual joining and it is something you cannot take for granted. Be brave.

Go and see him girl, at least afterward you'd know how he feels!