Break Coming Won't Be So Bad

So winter break is coming up and I won't see my professor for 3 weeks. Normally when I go home I'm pretty good about not missing him but since we keep getting closer and closer I never know what each new break will bring. Anyways I've seen him these past two days and we have been amazing(: yesterday it was like he didnt care if the 7 students around us knew that he pretty much has a crush on me, he was flirting with me so much (not in a hardcore way just a lot of little things). Then today he brought his family in for a little which is fun because his kids are adorable and his wife reminds me of myself.

After his family left we went to our old ways, but not as intense today but we still did little flirty things. I noticed that when I was leaving he seemed a little sadder, I do wonder how he acts when I'm not around him versus when I am. Anyways I see him one more time and then it's off to break! If anything exciting happens then ill update y'all.
pnktiger09 pnktiger09
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

My break starts next Friday and I have my teacher's class last lesson :-/ you obviously cope better than me lol because I miss my teacher the second I leave the school building

When I'm still like at school, in my apartment, I do mis him but the second I go home I'm distracted thankfully. But right now I do miss him a lot. Uhoh haha(: