He Checked My Ipad Again... -__-

So today was alright. Instead of homeroom for an sad 15 minutes, it was 1 hour and 30 minutes! Woohoo!

We didn't really talk, I was too busy talking to people online lol. Some of you really make me laugh so hard, not kidding! I started laughing at what someone said and he got up and looked curious so he came by my desk and I hurried up and got out and stared blankly at my IPad screen until he left. That must've annoyed him. Then my friend went up and asked if she could use his stapler and he goes, "Yeah, but not my staples." I'm the only person who finds him remotely funny, so I start laughing. My friend doesn't get the joke so she's like, "What?" And he's laughing and saying, "it was a joke, I guess only Rach gets it!" And I don't even knew why I laughed so hard, it wasn't that funny. Lol I'm so weird...

Then at the end of the day I saw my friend, lets call him Steven, and we were joking in the hallway and hugging and whatnot and Mr.S comes out of his room and I see him and we look straight at each other and he kind of stops and then realizes he has to lock his door so he goes back and locks it and then he starts walking again and he stared at me the whole way down. My friend was the one to notice before I even did because I was telling Steven bye and laughing at something he said. He stared at me.... :) and guys, when I passed he did this cute double take thing!!

He so confusing(: I'm going to be so sad over Christmas break :/

I fought to be able to go to school tomorrow. My moms like wtf why do you want to go?? And I'm like, "I don't want to miss any work" and she's like shureeeeeee lol

Night guys(:
arcticray arcticray
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012