I Finally Got A Good Grade?

So yeah today was especially good because we basically do these tests at the end of each chapter of the Chemistry book. Well today was test number 3 and so far I got a D and a C so he knows I hate these tests but yeah he gave them out and I actually got an A!
He came around the class to see our grades and everybody else got a C and he saw mine and he was like "wow well done, guess you're the teacher's pet now for being so smart" with his adorable grin.

But yeah later in the day I got a bit worked up over a maths exam I had and I walked straight into him in the corridor and made him drop a stack of papers(omg it was so embarrassing). Well I was helping him pick them up and he asked if I was okay because I looked upset.
But yeah we just stood in the corridor talking about my maths exam and he said "You're so smart so don't let one bad paper make you feel down. I'm not much help in maths but I can always help in Chemistry"
And it was just like in that moment we developed an understanding of some sort.

Then he came into my Biology class when we were watching each others presentation (I see him a lot because my classes are all really close to his class). He stood next to my desk and my Biology teacher asked him to pick the next group and he picked me -_- I just glared him and he was grinning and saying "Just giving you confidence" and patted me on the back.
I just said "don't talk to me" and he laughed again with that beautiful smile...and I didn't even feel nervous doing a presentation with him in the room. I felt comfortable. So yeah, strange but good day.
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Beautiful story!

Thank you very much :)

Ohhhh Jesus, he loves you(:

I just wish that I could know for certain because he's so confusing right now :-/

Awww he sounds adorable, I'm jealous lol

He is adorable ^_^ lol

glad you had a good day

Thank you :)

your very welcome