How Did We Get To This Point?

It's amazing to me. When I was in his class last semester, I was very intimidated by him, he was very blunt and would tell you real fast if you were wrong about something. All I could think to myself was, I'll never say anything in class or ever talk to him, no way am I getting embarrassed like that. Then this semester came and I decided to meet with him in his office for the first time. Looking back, we were both a nervous wreck but still managed to have a decent talk. Who knew that with this simple meeting, we'd now be at the point where we are teasing each other about inside jokes (that leave the other students in the room like huh??), glaring at each other playfully, me asking you the silliest questions under the sun and having you just smile and answer them, slowly but surely talking about more personal issues, and just getting along with each other. I'm so happy I took a chance to talk to you and how close we have gotten in the past semester and I wouldn't trade the world for what we have right now.
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So R u guys finally on a date?

Oh no no no hahah we can't be together, which in completely fine with, he is happily married with kids. I just never thought I'd be close with a professor and I am now(:

Oh I see lol Good for you if you're sure u dun want anything out of it x)

well in my right mind i just want a long lasting friendship/mentor but in my fantasy world hahaha(;

Hahahahahah gotcha! (;

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