Out Early, Missing Him

Oh Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?
Sorry, felt like quoting shakesphere(:
So was everyone's day nice?
Mine was.

I walked into class with a cocky grin. I played today like I was a cocky girl, not meaning to, but to see his reactions. He immediately took notice when I walked in and smiled also. I raised my eyebrows a slight bit, then turned around, then turned back around to do this cute wink thing. He looks astonished. He was now confused. I started laughing and this guy in my class was like, "woah, you look really pretty." And since I was being cocky I go,"Don't I always?" And he laughed and goes yeah and Mr.S interrupts us by kind if coughing and then saying, "Shane, you should be focusing in sports and grades, not pretty girls." GUYS I DIED. I COMPLETELY JUST MADE HIM JEALOUS! F*** YESSSSSS!

So then I start walking around and I see the board needs to be cleaned. I of coarse start cleaning. Well I can't really reach the top and so I'm jumping. I notice he's watching me. I bite my bottom lip and start looking towards him. He smiles and I'm just like washing his board and then I drop the markers by accident and he let out a chuckle (which if freaking adorable!) and I bent over to get it. Guess what? My friend said he was looking. I'm such a tease. It's kinda crazy...

Then my friend told him that her bday was on the 29th of this month. At first he was like "ohhh cool". But then I think he realizes that he has an opportunity to say his bday and he goes, "we'll that's cool cause mine is the 30th!" I felt like he was talking only to me cause he was looking at me like I should say something so I go, "good thing I have your present ready!" And he lets out a chuckle and says, "I'm turning ..." He takes a pause because he almost said sixty but then he goes, "59!" And laughs. I find it funny because he almost said 69 (he's so dirtyminded(: or maybe it's just me lol) and my friend doesn't find us funny so she turns her head. We are still laughing and I look up, he's just staring at me and smiling and I can't help it so I start laughing again and he starts laughing. He's like a kid(: he's so precious!! I'm so sad he's turning 35.... Ugh. I don't even wanna talk about it :/

At lunch I saw him kind of. But I was gonna walk in to the building and we were standing next to each other and I felt the electricity between us so I start to kind of move closer because more people were coming and we were so close that I could just touch him..... and then my friend pulls me away and I'm like noooooooooo and we start walking and I look in the corner of my eye and see him just staring so I start staring back but I run into something and trip and Mrs.B noticed and she goes, "woah what happened?" And I'm like," attractive people are hazardous!" And she laughed. I didn't see him later on cause he was in a basketball meeting :/

Oh jeez I forgot to put what happened in math. Alright uhh well. I was still testing him so I started staring at him and they have this girl in my class named Penny and she's looking between us and watching my every move (she's kind of obsessed with me... No joke lol) and well I'm staring at him and in mid of his lecture he stops the lecture and catches my stare and we start staring and she kept looking at us both like wtf and then the class got kind of confused and all you hear is someone whisper, "what's going on?" And "did I miss something or....?" And he hurrys up I get back to his lecture but he stutters and goes, "um nevermind get your textbooks out!" I wanted to laugh so hard, I'm amazing! And he asked me a question (btw he never does this for ANYONE!) and he calls on me. I see it's a big number so I start laughing and I go, "Mr.S, you are a funny man, lemme tell you. I can't do this problem you silly man!" And he smiled and goes, "alright I guess I can let you skip it!" And he laughs and picks on my friend PJ (the one he hates!) and he looked at me the whole time after that! But then when class ended, I waited for my friend as usual and he was waiting by the door and usually he's not in a rush but today he was like, "c'mon guys! Rach, lets go!" And I'm like, "okay Godmother!" (Quoting a movie) and ahhhh my friends laughed. I was so sarcastic today, and weird. Love y'all night(: So any thoughts about today? (:
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Hey there's nothing wrong with 35 if it's meant to happen, age has nothing to do with it :)

Very true, but it just keeps getting farther :/

Stupid Christmas break damn I hope u guys bumb into one another in a store or something ..n he's totally crushing ..can't wait till tomorrow to see wat happens :)

Same, but he lives like a whole town away from me. So... :/ I'd need to travel to where he is lol

You winked at him .... Oh ****. Girl you are opening up a whole can of worms. Don't mess with his mind girl.

How is it messing if I love him?

You are tempting him. Making it hard for him since he can't touch you. Don't be a tease girl.