When You Got A Good Thing...

So as you all know I have been MIA for a few days.. I was grounded... again.. Anyways Jake was sick but he is gucci now so we cool!! So I guess I should tell you guys the story of my life because you guys like to cyber-stalk my relationship. I feel like some of you live vicariously through me!!!! Anyways read onward my friends!!! So yeah he got me sick and I have no voice and so the other day at lunch I was trying to get his attention but I don't think he heard me because he was too busy swagging through the hall... hehe.. so I threw and orange slice at him and it hit him in the butt and I bust up laughing and hid behind my friend Trey... He turned around and yelled at Trey and didn't even realize that I was there... I am sneaky as a mug!! Anyways so today like we were in his room getting our study on because I have exams soon and he helped me and we were listening to the radio and jamming like the cool kids we are and the song When you got a good thing came on and I love that song like so much so I started singing and since we are G's we like kind of had a moment and like he sang the guy parts and I sang the girl parts and let me just tell you we can harmonize pretty well!! I am an awesome singer no lie!! Well when the song ended the moment continued and it lead to a really heated make out session and like that is the first time we have really ever kissed without being cautious and let me just tell you it was the best mother truckin kiss I have even had in my life!! Well like after like a half hour of doing nothing but straight up making out my mom called to see how the "Study Session" was going and I was like its going fantastic Jake, is a really good teacher... I am learning so much and my mom was like good well be home in a few hours ok I was like sounds good and hung up and he busted out laughing and then he was like I have a surprise for you and he grabbed my hand and took me outside and to the shed and he stopped us in the doorway and kissed me and we kissed for about 5 minutes and then I pulled away and was like what do you need to show me in this shed and he pointed up and there was mistletoe and I freaked out because I am a hopeless romantic and I really want to make out with him again but I am stuck at home doing homework!!! I love you all oh em geee Jake's birthday is on Monday and I have no clue what to get him!!!!! Gimme some ideas people I am desperate!!!! Well love you guys!!
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I got him something ;)

Get him a watch.

make a video about how much you love him

Mhmmmmmm (: