Leather Jacket

So today he was wearing thei beautiful leather jacket and I just wanted to rip off all of his clothes and take his jacket, it was so freaking cold lol. And of coarse, I want to see him naked. Ahem, anyways, I walk into class with some confidence and I think he took notice. He stood by my desk and kind of just looked at me and I'm looking at him and I start blushing and then I go, "I really love your jacket, it's very handsome. You look good today!" And he smiles and laughs and says, "Thanks Rach!" And he put his hand on my desk and leaned on my desk and I should have put my hand by his but instead I took it off the desk and he then took his off :/ then Mrs.Freaking F came in and ruined our flirting and she flirted with him and took him outta class and I was all sad. Then the bell rang so I start walking down the hall and I'm talking to my friend Shane and I look behind me and Mr.S was like 3 people behind me and I caught his gaze and he was staring right at me!!!! Then Shane noticed and turned around too asking what is as staring at so I quickly turned around and tripped (goshhhh I'm sooooooo clumsy lately!!) and Shane's like, "Woah what happened?" And I'm like giggling madly and saying, "Attractive people are dangerous!" Ahhhh he's so cute(: I really live his jacket(:

So I got him a Secret Santa gift and I'm so excited(: I got him a bunch of candy and whatnot! :) then I still have his tie which I will be giving him next week(: ahh this holiday is so jolly(: love y'all, hope y'all's day was beautiful(: man, his smile is so gorgeous!
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3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Your stories make me so scared because I can imagine myself in a place like that! But just outta curiousity, what were you doing with his tie?

LOL OMG you thought I stole his tie? So cute!!(: um I bought one for him... Hehe. I didn't steal his lol, gahh that's funny xD

awwwwww that's so cuteeee , you should put your hand on the table next time hehehe :)))

Aw that's adorable ^_^ unfortunate that everybody gets clumsy around the teacher they like though lol :)