I Love The Way We Are

So I guess this is my first legit story with details(: Anyways I took his final today which was a bit bittersweet but I need a break from school! I ended up getting an A on it (go me!). Anyways, he came in the room and our eyes met and he's always smiling so he was when our eyes met and I just glared at him because that's what we do and he just kept smiling and being excited lol. So then he goes to his podium then starts wandering toward me like he always always does. So I looked up at him and said can you just give us our test, I have other exams to worry about! And the few people around us laughed and then he went into this story about when he was in high school and when he said "this was a long time ago" he stared straight at me(: So then he went to the other side of the room for a bit and came back and I asked him if I could leave if the exam was too hard and he said you can do whatever you want, but you have to deal with me next semester and I said oh that's fine! And he just smiled at me. So he finally gets the tests and comes over to me and is like do you mind if I start passing them out over here? So I said why me and he said don't you want to get it over with? And I said well I guess and since your over here already and he playfully rolled his eyes at me(: During the exam he went to the door and I looked up at him and our eyes met and he said, to the class but staring at me, I'll be right back and I kind of smiled at him.

So I was the last one finished with the exam (on purpose lol) so I asked if he'd send us an email about next semester and he said yes and I said I hope you remember and he said even if I don't you'll remind me and I said yeah that's my job and we smiled at each other. Then he asked me about my next exam and if I was all packed to go home and I said no I never am and he smiled at me again. Then I was leaving and he said have a good break and I said you too have fun with your family and he said thanks, say hi to your mom for me and I said okay. I just love how playful we can be in front of everyone now because at the beginning of the year we could only do it in private(: Okay that's all for now!
pnktiger09 pnktiger09
22-25, F
Dec 14, 2012