Is This Jealousy Or Just Me?

I think I just can't help how I feel when I see him or whenever I think of him..
I can't believe I'm falling this bad with my teacher... some say there's nothing wrong with it and that it aint against the law as long as im not in HS anymore.
The other day I was out at tha bar and saw him walking out the door and thought he was going for a break within the lectures. I saw him walking back with a girl. I lat8n found out she's a student too. They were just talking and I didn't like it, so my friends asked him to have a sit with us at the bar and he accepted. The problem is the girl went with us and spent about 5 mins with us...
I didn't really like the way she smiled when he went into the school checkin his schedule out. You know it was lyk that smile girls have when "something" is happening... My friends say im just being paranoid. What do ya'll say? Im so damn worried and can't stop thinking about stupidities. He also sent me a message on facebook sharing a JAZZ song with me. I just dunno. Most of the times It don't work out well with me. Some other girls always get the best instead of me so Im not that positive, but theres like a voice in my head that says "keep on trying, don't give up"...
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maybe write a note to him?

Telling what?

have you tried talking to him about your feelings?

nope, why do u think i should do that? He's my teacher i dont think its gonna be a gd idea... maybe over the time it'll come by itself... im working on the "catch eye" thing... !

the 'catch-eye' thing might work, i just think that talking to him can help you figure out if he has an interest in you.

what if i rush things?

i think you have right, and shouldnt tell him about that... you would ruin everything... thats just my opinion... :)

yes u see... im just insecure that's all :(

sometimes you have to get past your insecurities in order for something good to happen. if you don't want to tell him, you don't have to. and you wont rush things if you know what you want to say before you tell him.

That's right! Thank You :-)

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