I'm In Love And I Dont Care Who Knows It!

okay so i have loved my science teacher for the whole year now and he is so wonderful. every time are eyes meet i want to throw my self at him, but i know i cant. i always come in the morning and after school to spend time with him. i saw him at a restaurant but i was scared to go over there. my friend was like omg omg you need to go talk to him. he's single and 25 he is soo beautiful. he has brown here and brown eyes. he kept looking over at our table and ended up walking over and saying hi. he was ignoring my friend and basicaly just talking to me. i'm so inlove with him its not even funny! idk what to do i think i need to tell him.
alwaysSmileForever alwaysSmileForever
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Umm.. You THINK you are in love. THINK double check your story name there.

How old are you darlin?

Be confident and go tell him :))