"hatb" 12/15/12 Asdfghjkl;

Yesterday at school, we had a winter assembly. So mr. H wore a tie. HE LOOKED SO GOOD ASDFGJLDFKJKDIWOEFDF I CANT WITH HIM OMG HE LOOKS SO GOOD IN TIES HEHE

okay i'm good now. But yeah in his class I was drinking a Hi-C juice box and he walked by and said "ooh, hi-c!" but I pretended not to hear him. Then he repeated it again so i'd hear him lol. He told me a little bit about his dog too lol. We were going over notes and he was saying something but he couldn't think of another word for worsen so I said "exacerbate" and he said "yeah, good vocabulary, *my name* " and I was just like "yeeahhh :)"

When I got home i went to his private twitter page (just to look at his photo lol) and he changed it!! so i was like holy sht! and today I went to a party at my friends house and now i'm at home and i decided to look at his fb and he also changed the photo and added 3 more !!!!!!! ughhhhhh he's just so perf but his class is almost over :( But I might have him again next year for a different class haha :D
kelly1333 kelly1333
Dec 15, 2012