You Stare, I Stare, We All Stare!

So hmm, today was alright. Nothing big happened. I mean, we stared quite a lot and he eavesdropped on my convos and I ran into him twice. XD
Okay lemme go through the day:

I didn't talk to him but I saw him staring and I gave him a warm smile and he caught it and smiled back. Then I go to my desk and he's still sitting at his and my friend is talking about how she plans on losing her V for her bday this year with her boyfriend whom she doesn't love, she only "really really likes him" *****. I hate girls like that, I don't even know why I like her honestly. Anyways, I get disgusted and he noticed and is like, "what's wrong?" And I'm like, "please smash my head against the board." And he laughs and goes, "I will if you will." And I laugh and he smiles and ahhh he makes my day so much better. Then it's time to go, I tell him bye and whatnot.

Then in the hall I was turning around the corner and literally almost ran into him. We didn't say anything but while passing me I caught his gaze and smile and he did this double take thing and i completely melted.

Then school ended and my friend who is really sick comes to school to reschedule her midterms. I go with her and she goes, "lets go see if he's in him room so I can reschedule." Well he's in there but he's on the phone. Ughhhh. Anyways, I see him smile and he kept looking up from me and the phone and my friend walked out after me and she swear he heard on the phone him say, "wait, she's here, I'll call you back." I died.... Idk if she's saying the truth but she knows not to mess with me lol. Anyways he comes out and smiles down at me and I'm like, "she needs to talk to you, not me ha." And he laughs and leans on the door and I could smell his cologne. Ugh he smells like heaven.... Anyways, my friend is talking and I notice out of the corner of his eyes, he kept looking at me. So I'm doing the same and then he goes, "well, I can't tomorrow. Maybe Friday." And she goes okay and I'm about to leave and I see him make a smile as I leave and then I have to go to carline and my friend goes, "pleaseeeeeee comeeee with meeeee!" And I'm like, "I can't! I gotta go!" And I catch his gaze again.

Dude, stop staring at me unless you want me(: lol

Merry Christmas you guys, I won't be posting during Christmas time unless I see him. So yeah, which I probably won't... But yeah, I love all of you(: night xoxo
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Don't let the haters bring you down baby girl... keep your head up because wwhere there is a hater there is always gonna be someone there who believes in you!!

I don't want to seem disrespectful at all. No one can help who they develop romantic feelings for, and I remember having a very close relationship with a teacher when I was in high school. I remember the feeling well. I remember how his attention made me feel special, how we connected so much more than I did with people my own age. He was young for a teacher, he'd invite me into his office and we'd talk for hours about everything imaginable. Like you it made my day slightly better, I looked forward to his lessons. When I graduated he came up to me and hugged me in the school yard, and said "You're such a smart girl, I know you'll do well in life." He looked at me thoughtfully and said "I love you," and walked off. It was so unexpected it was like a smack in the face, and I realized how weird the whole situation was.
A few weeks ago I went to spend the weekend in that town, and passed him in the street. I said hello to him, and he pulled that awkward face people pull when they don't know who you are. I'm sure he has another young female favorite student now.
I was smart, lonely and introverted. He took an interest in me so of course it felt good. That didn't make it right. I really hope for you this man has honest intentions, and morals. But one day I think you'll look back on girls in high school and marvel at how young they really are, and how abnormal it is for a grown man to want them.
Anyway, if he's interested in you I hope it's a one off and he isn't just into teenagers. I hope I didn't seem rude or judgmental, all the best.

Just ignore the rude comments, i love your stories. I am also in love with teacher, so I totally understand how you feel... :)

I really don't understand why everyone is attacking you, but on the story that is soooo cute! I feel my teacher staring at me quite a bit too, always makes the day a bit/LOT better(:

I hate chrimass now lol cause of no update lol :P

Lol ikr xD

Haha I'm 14 n wish my love life was this exciting lol damn I would love school but I think he has a personality disorder he's happy then mad flirty then sad..but still I'm rooting <3

Haha I think I do too, it's so weird.
Thank you(: <3
I need a love life, this is unhealthy >.<

Yeah you dont love him and if he is actually interested in you that way thats pretty creepy. And please dont use love like you know what it is especially when you have a crush on your child predator of a teacher, because you dont know what love is so dont talk about it like its something you have any experience with and moreover definitely dont expect positive comments to you "soon-to-end-in-prison" relationship.

And you do? Everyone knows what love is, you just have to find it, I don't know if I did, but I care for him. If you don't agree with my stories, then don't read. I'm not making you. I appreciate your comment though. I'll keep it in mind.

No i know everyone has their own ideas of what they think love is but it is sad that you use is so casually as if it could apply, and yes please do i know you care for him and thats ok but leave it at that.

I know on the Internet that I say it a lot. But I'm putting my feelings out. I can't say it outside of the Internet, it's hard. I do love him in a way, I don't know in what way, but I do. I can't tell people I love them except my bestfriend and my mom. Other than that, I've never really said it. It'd be a pretty big deal if I did. So, I get what you are trying to say. But I can't say it unless on the Internet where I am hidden and safe (to a certain extent.)

"Soon to end in prison" relationship? Am sorry but if you don't appreciate what's this girl is going through than don't comment negatively. She doesn't need you to guide her. She knows her limits. Am sorry but I just had to say what's in my mind because if you where to be in her place or even had that experience of hers than I think you would've rethought your comment. Just saying...

Well i wouldnt let my crushes get out or control. and i understand im just saying be cautious okay.

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