He Gave Me The Real Exam!!!

Okay,I know it's late (or early) but I'm studying for his exam and the other day I asked him for another copy of the study guide. He printed one out and so on. I start studying tonight and I grab both of the study guides and notice something different.... I have the study guide in one hand and the REAL EXAM IN THE OTHER. HE GAVE ME THE EXAM. WTF HOLY HALLELUJAH BALLS LIKE CRAPPPPPPPPPBALLLSSSSSSSSSSSSS WTF IS GOING ON? WTF IS THIS SOCERY!!!! AGHHHHHHHHH!

Yeah, I'm awesome. Anyways, should I tell him I have the exam or not?
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4 Responses Dec 20, 2012

Make a copy on your printer at home for studying, then come back and say Mr. S I think you gave me the wrong paper, I don't think I'm supposed to have this. It's likely he doesn't know you have it, and he'd appreciate the honesty if it was really a mistake! :) Though something tells me it wasn't... ;D

It's gonna be obvious it is missing. so if you act it right you can pray they just accept your good nature and TOTALLY COPY THE **** OUT OF IT >_>
You can and should always learn , but you can't always pass a test! Pass the **** out of it!

yh, tell him buddy dnt get in trouble o let him think u took it or something lol (studdy it first ;) jk)

yeah I'd tell him hahah but laugh it off when you give it to him