Gave Him His Tie(:

Today was a good day. I noticed that we didn't really stare at each other or anything, we talked a lot today. So I won't put up everything but I will put everything up briefly.

We talked and smile and laughed and shared a few jokes and whatnot. I asked about the exam that he gave me and he told me that it wasn't the exam, but it was a better version of the study guide. So yeah, I didn't get the exam but he gave me the updated version of the study guide(:

Math exam:
Easy but the vocab was hard. Ughh hated the vocab :/
As I entered the classroom, mrs.F gave me a cupcake because she had a bunch and she just was giving them out. Well I walk into class and I'm not allowed to have food and he's like, "Rach? What's with the cupcake?" And I'm like, "don't blame me, blame mrs.f. She did it." And he laughs and I smile. Ahh that man(:

After the exam, I went up to him as people were leaving and handed him him present. I say, "merry Christmas mr.s and happy birthday! You only turn 59 once!" (Inside joke between us) and he laughs and says," yep, woah, thanks Rach! You didn't have to get me anything.. Can I open it?" And I laugh and go, "i don't care, it's your present!" And he laughs and opens it and smiles. "Wow, I love it! Thank you! Where'd you get it from?" And I tell him and he's like, "thank you, I really appreciate it." I smile and say, 'your welcome." And wave goodbye as I leave the class.

I hope he wears it tomorrow, I'd love that.
Goodnight guys(:
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Awe that's really lovely..
your stories make me miss my teacher more. I just cherish my memories and it's nice to read stories like this.

Aw that's so sweet :)

I'm sorry I'm just reading these posts, do you have a crush on your teacher?

She's in love with her teacher! Read some of her other posts :)

Ha, hey, I'm Rachel and I love (if you want to say crush, it's alright, I'm still debating lol) my teacher, Mr.S! These are my stories and I hope you enjoy them! :)

I bet you might die if you see him wear it haha

I will... No joke >.

Lol a tie. Now he knows you really like him. He kept staring at you because of the letter. He is a Sagitarius? Oh man .... Good luck because they are a handful but lots of fun.

Haha, I don't really care if he knows. He flirts right back so it's alright(:
Nothing serious was said in the letter though.....