Oh The Tension Between Us!

So I realized I haven't given you guys a full day story of me and my professor so here's my go at it! I had to go to his earlier class so I could do my project in my regular class and here's what happened: I went up to him and said I was very upset when you ain't answer my email and he said do you know how busy some people are? And I said so! and he smiled at me hahaha! but he had a print out of my stuff so I said where are the copies? and he said we had to make them so I glared at him and then he kinda looked at me and it sounded like he was about to say something about my hair but I started talking so I missed it! oops! So he starts gathering everyone else's stuff he had to make a copy for and said come on, so I started following him and he was like I hope you can keep up and I said you don't walk that fast. The second we get into the hall he starts walking oh so fast and I said you needa slow down and he stopped and like looked at the ceiling exasperated and slowed down for me(:

So we get in the copy room and it's only us and he starts doing the copies and I mention something and I said I'll tell you the story one day and he said yeah at one of our Friday meetings, then he said he gonna be out of town this Friday and I said oh I didn't wanna do it this Friday anyways I don't wanna annoy you and he said nooo it's fine(: and then I asked him where he was going and he said where he was going and I said whoa there are black people there! (the school we go to is majorly white and I'm black so I always joke about it lol) Then he whispered I think there are black people everywhere and I said no there ain't, there aren't any here and he said yes there are and kinda gestured at me!(: Then he handed me my stuff and I said gracias and he said de nada and I left. But it was interesting because everytime he went and copied stuff he went alone but he brought me along with him, something I never saw him do with anyone else.

When I came to my class (in a computer lab) he was talking to someone when I passed so he finished and came right up beside me and stared at me smiling and I said what? And he said Nothing and left lol he always does that!
Then I was getting my data and he asked if I was excited to get my results and I kinda shrugged and I said I didn't know how to do it so he said Well I'll help you then! All excited and cute(: So he came over and helped me do everything I needed to do. Then this girl asked if we were presenting and he said no there's not enough time and I said yaaaaaay and then I said I'm happy about that and he glared at me and said well maybe I should just make you present yours and I shook my head no! I asked him what I should do with my extra surveys and he said keep them in and I said oh no I don't want them and he said shred them then and I said noooo just recycle them and he said that's the same thing and I said shredding something and putting it in a bin are two different things and he glared at me and we laughed at each other.

Then pretty much everyone in the class left and it was me him and another random person so he was beside me when the last person left and I teased him about something and he said huh? And there was a pause, but during that pause there was this weird tension I felt between us, almost like a sexual one since no one was around us and I've never felt that with him! I teased him and said he had a bad memory and he sadly said oh thanks (he knows I'm joking) and then he told me all the stuff he has to remember and I told him okay it's fine that you don't remember us sometimes haha. Then he was packing up and I called him over and he said I'm coming I'm coming I have too much crap and I said that's not my problem and he said I know, it's mine!
I said I didn't have enough time to do all this, I had to go to work and he gave me a look and I laughed and he said I'm sure your job wouldn't miss out and I said but I'm their only black employee and he said oh oh I'm sure that's what they were going for haha!

So there's a day with me and my professor, if you guys like this one I have quite a lot more to add lol. I may also do a background post on us if you want
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Love to hear some of your stories my sister.

will do then!

Be good best friends. Getting involved with a married man will open up a whole can of worms. Liking or living is cool too. Keeping a friend that you really like or love is great even though you can't get involved with them sexually and romantically.

Yeah I really think in the long run that's what we both want, well I know that's what I want can't really speak 100% for him lol.

Hell yh more please

Hahah thanks I LOVE this man! One of my friends says he sounds like a sweetie but I think he legit likes me

I think he likes you too but doesn't Wana show it...is he married? Even if he is u guys got something buddy

Yeah he's married with kids haha which is probably why he has to hide it along with the fact that he's my professor. I've seen/met his wife and kids though ill probably have a story on that later but I LOVE his family so neither of us would do anything like hook up I don't think(:

Haha girl tension is tension I'm rooting for you <3 haha I hope u guys end up together but aww kids to -_- lol 50/50 situation if u ever need an ear inbox me :)

oh yeah i totally will! and thanks haha(:

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