He Winked At Me(:(:

So I walked into the computer lab and took my regular seat on the end of the row so it's very easy for us to interact lol(: He came up to me and said good morning to me all smiley and he asked how I was and I said good and then I said see I'm not being mean to you and he said yes even though I probably deserve it and walked away smiling and I was like poor baby! I'm always mean to him or tease him when he says hello to me(: At one point he came back to check on only me, looked at my computer screen and started walking away and looked back and smiled at me.

At one point he left the class and peeked his head in and saw a girl with her hand up so he said I'm busy, with a lil attitude smiling, he started walking toward her and passed me and was like see I can have an attitude with people other than you but she was nice about it and I said oh I attack you back and the girl laughed and he smiled at me. But I thought it was cute that I wasn't even involved in him helping her but he brought me into the whole thing!
Me and my guy friend were getting ready to leave and he was near us so I heard my friend say something about music and my professor say he can only count to 4 or something so I look up at him and he looked at me and WINKED and I said you can't read music but he didn't hear and they continued talking and I said yeah and they have really complicated time signatures and he was like oh stop it your hurting my head but his voice was soft and sweet. This isn't the first time he has winked at me in front of people but when he does wink at me it sends shivers up my spine I love it! And he never winks at anyone else.

He was walking back toward me and started dancing so I look at him and said embarrassing and he gave me the -__- face and he said he was use to being an embarrassment and I said me too and he said you kinda have to and I said yeah plus your just odd overall and then he said yes I'm very comfortable with being weird and I said me too! It was a cute bonding moment(: I asked if he wanted to meet on Friday and he said yeah that's fine after your class and I said I don't have it which is why I wanted to leave on Thursday (this was the week before thanksgiving break) but my mom doesn't want me on the road at 1 in the morning and he said oh you have to work? And I said yeah til 12 and then he said something and I was like but who would want to touch me and he said I know but your mom is just worried about your safety and it was so cute how caring he is to me, and everyone else but especially me lol. Something he always does when we are in the lab which I LOVE is he will always just hang around me. I sit toward the back but on the end so I'm right by the aisle and he will just hang around beside and behind my row if no one needs help I love it(:

A girl in the row in front of me needed help and twice my teacher would decide to fix his shirt and tuck it in his pants and lawwwwwwd I contained myself but I'm pretty sure he was doing it on purpose right in front of me. Then he was all the way at the front and helping this girl and I was just kinda staring at him, something I rarely do since he's already in my face half the time, and he turned his head all of a sudden (I think to look at a student) but it scared the crap out of me I don't want him to catch me lol.

I was waiting at the front of the room with my friend for my teacher to come back and then I asked him if I'd get in trouble for not having something minor on my paper and there was a pause and he was like isn't that how it always ends up? (basically saying you won't get in trouble I guess) And I turned back and he was smiling at me so I said whatever and walked away hahaha I always have to be mean to him! Then I told him I was having a hard time finding something for the assignment and then I thought I had found one but I hadn't so I was like ugh whatever and I did a ghetto hand motion and he laughed at me!
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Sounds like a pedo

Wow. He really starting to like you. I had a professor this las semester that I think liked me. He was in his 70's. he liked to talk to me after class. He would talk for like 30 minutes talking my ear off. Every time I asked a question he would say " What did you say I can't hear so good out of this ear". So in front of the whole class he would walk right up to me and lean down to hear what I was saying. He doesn't do that to the guys or other girls in the class. It made me feel akward. I then realized that he liked me. So I just thought as soon as class is done I would not talk to him I would just leave quickly. I didn't ask to many questions in class either. I could tell he was a very lonely man.

Oh man your guy sounded a bit like a creep lol! Yeah this story is from almost a month ago I have even cuter ones that happened after this one(:

Openly flirting in class is a dead give away. Becareful. Sometimes you have to catch yourself when others are present. It seems like he is flirtations are escalating to the point that he wants something more. Have you thought about talking to him about it ?

I have definitely noticed that we have gone from barely doing anything in front of people to basically out right flirting with others around. Read my latest story it's even worse with that haha! I am kinda guilty when it comes to flirting in public with him because its like he starts half and I start the other half. But I think I try to control it more than he does. And he will do little things with other students but its nothing compared to what we do.