Almost Got His Number

So Thursday, I totally forgot to tell you guys, it just surfaced my mind!
So here's how it went. At the end of the day I went to my gym teachers office to get something. Well on her wall I noticed some names, which happened to be teachers names with PHONE NUMBERS BY THEM. I immediately start looking for his, but it wasn't there! I was so sad! I enpven forgot what I needed to ask because I was to busy trying to find his name and number! Why wasn't it there? I have no idea, but I was so sad :( lol night guys (:

Ad merry Christmas my lovelys(: <3 xoxo-Rach
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I really wouldn't touch that.

Yeah but if u had it u wouldn't be able to call him :-/ I have my teachers email but usually he just spams me with homework lol

Lol I have his email too, but I'm scared to email him cause it goes through my school first :(
Why not? I could call. But it'd be creepy. Lol

I e-mailed my teacher he did the same back! Message me for more details

Ooh Kay!

don't get scared , just go for it and send him , you yourself might find it scary because you love him but himself will not he'd just take it easy :))

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