"hatb" 1/6/13 Post-break A Lot Of Words

On thursday, we returned to school after our holiday break. I was reeaalllyy looking forward to seeing him. When I was in Mr. H's class, I told him that I was the nicest person in class. He was like, "ehhhhh, I dunno...." and i just brushed him off haha. At lunch when the bell rang, I walked down the hallway and he was walking towards my direction and I looked at him and he was looking at me and he said, "watch out, handsome man coming through" really loud!!! i was like OMFG I don't know if he was teasing me because he knows I like him or just being funny. After school, i went to a study session for history exams. When I got to his classroom, it was fun and he even mentioned that I pay attention in class :3 hellz yeah I do ;D and my laptop wasn't picking up a network signal and he said "bad things don't happen to 'nice' people" and laughed lol

On friday, when I walked into his classroom, he was just like, "oh, it's the nicest girl in the class" and i was like "heck yeah it is" lol. But later in class, we were watching the news and he said "hey, if y'all ever get bored watching TV, just draw a mustache on the tv and see how many faces it lands on" and we were laughing and then he said "I have to do something to keep myself entertained while watching Grey's Anatomy with my GIRLFRIEND" and my heart just sank. I knew he had a girlfriend, but when he talks about her I just want to throw up. And to make things worst, mentioned that she was in a contest to be Miss ******* (state I live in) . Therefore, she's gorgeous. sigghhhhh. At the tutor session, it was better, and my friend mentioned that the checkered red shirt that he was wearing made him look like "farmer brown" and I told him and he was like, "You know what haha i got this shirt for christmas and y'all are just hating" lol but yeah.

kelly1333 kelly1333
Jan 6, 2013