A Soft Spot For Me?

okay if you've already read my previous stories, you know that I'm sorta his favorite student(maybe?). every time my classmates wants to do something and he doesn't like it, they'll make me talk to him. it'll be like this
"hey ****** can you please tell Mr.B to extend the due date for our projects?" because they know that I can make him do that with a little magic. If they tried that, he will automatically say no. Like this one time I was not able to bring my homework and he was collecting it. I told him "Sir can I pass mine tomorrow? I left it at home" and he was like "hmmm.." he was kinda smirking "okay...just promise me that you'll pass it tomorrow okay?" and there...my job is done. It can also be on quizzes. We were having this quiz, after the quiz we were checking it. so my seatmate was checking my paper and of course he knew that because he was the one said to give our papers to our seatmates. so my seatmate was checking my paper and there was a wrong answer on my paper. I told my seatmate it was right and ask Mr.B if my answer is right. Obviously my answer was wrong but I did that to test him. When my seatmate got to his table she asked him "Mr.B is this right?" she showed him the paper "Who owns this paper?" looking at me. My classmate pointed at her other seatmate so he immediately said "no. it's wrong" and he looked at me again and I looked at her and I said "dude WTF?!" okay, well at least now I know he would've said it was right if it was mine. SCORE! Tomorrow I'll be posting something about what I recorded..obviously it's him...remind me of it guys!
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hmm that is very interesting indeed that he will do stuff like that for you!

and I'm the only student he notices that's always online. He even tells other students(while I'm not there) that I got the highest score in quizzes or exams(he does not do that to other students)

Oh yeah he def adores you!

I'll get what I can take. if he only likes me then...it's something! XD