Do I Have Room In Your Heart?

Okay yes I did say this story will be about the video but first let me tell you this other story XD

So we had this project and I was too lazy to do it. I didn't do it even though it was in his subject. I noticed that I was the only who didn't pass and it was already a day after the due date, I got nervous. I didn't ask him for a time space for me to do it. I made one,which I really didn't, do I asked one of my male teachers to help me. he did most of the works...I only printed it..haha..(I have a power over teachers!) back to the story. When I passed it he took it and I thought I was gonna get a low grade because I was late and my classmates who passed thir projects before I did only got below 85%. when he returned it the next day I was surprised with my was higher than the students who passed their's earlier. I got a surprising 95%! and there was also this other project where we had to make a scrap book. I hate designing stuffs like that so I was kinda sad. Maybe he noticed that and asked me if I wanted a different kind of project. so I said "sure". mine was easier..a video with pictures..yes..and he even made me pick my own partner! haha! so when we passed it my friend and I got 100% and my classmates who worked their ***** off for a good grade only got(the highest for them is 90%) so it was a total win!!!! and also in that trip I was sitting behind one of my bestfriends and she took a photo of me sleeping(gahd I hate that picture ajkfhdslkf) and she showed it to him and he was like "oh my god this is so adorable! can I have it?" and I was seriously blushing. gaaahhh!!! okay I need to sleep..the video story will be uploaded tomorrow..remind me of it okay? bye!
yourbiggestsoccerfan yourbiggestsoccerfan
18-21, F
Jan 7, 2013